Saturday, November 22, 2008

No Wire Hangers!!

One of my passions is mid century furniture so when I first spotted the image of this table in my issue of Ready Made magazine I had to see how it was created.

If you decide to make this table you may have to tell your visitors that the legs are actually hangers, at first glance they are cleverly disguised, dont you think?

It cost a grand total of $15.00 to build out of 4 matching wooden hangers, the trick is to be sure they match as even a slight differences make for uneven legs.

You can find the plans here the digital version of Ready Made magazine

and what's doubly cool is that I have the same style rug, except mine is a cheetah :)

To be fair to wire hangers and in the spirit of recycling and re using here is another entry, a wall sconce made of wire hangers:

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