Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Recycle your Holiday Lights!

Almost every household has a string or two or three, like mine, of broken lights. Those strings you don't know what to do with.

You change one bulb, two, three, change the fuse and nothing happens, you get frustrated and add it to the pile. Instead of throwing them in the trash a few organizations including charities, recycle incandescent light strings. These places take the light strings apart and recycle most of the parts like the copper, glass and plastic.

Why have that stuff leeching pollutants into the earth when the materials could be used again?

Google 'recycle Christmas lights and your zip code' for drop off locations in your area.

In my city of Seattle I can take my lights to Whole Foods & Woodland Park Zoo.

treehuggervintage informed us that Walmart in St. Louis, started taking old holiday lights this year.

If you are unable to recycle your lights in your area you can mail them.

This program recycles your lights and benefits children plus give a 10% discount on purchases.


Recycle Christmas Lights for the Kids Campaign

Another program:

They send you a coupon for 15% off on purchases.
Attn: Recycling Program
2500 W. Argyle St.
Jackson, MI 49202

Please post this information on your blogs, let everyone you know there is a better way to dispose of those light strings.

Want your Christmas & Holiday cards to go to a good cause?

Instead of throwing out or recycling your holiday cards-- donate them to St. Jude's Ranch for Children-- the kids use them to create new cards and sell.

May you all have a happy and green holiday season!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Take The Pledge!

Buy Handmade!

Support Independent Artists.

Some years ago, after an accident, I searched high and low east to west, web stores, catalogs...for a cool cane to make lemonade from a lemon. I wanted something unique and distinctive. Everywhere I went I saw the same dreary medical cold metal canes or boring plain wood. I had a total of 2 color choices; black and brown!

I wanted to ditch the cane that was given to me by my insurance company but of course I could not do that.

Finally I thought, Why not just make it? I love to paint, so what is the problem?

I found all sorts of cool paints with glitters, gold, silver....I began making stencils of Celtic Knots and Chains that I loved. I had so much fun making my cane that I began doing it for friends and relatives.

Pretty soon people were asking me to make them and sell them at local Art stores.

Just in time for the Holidays! I have a silver one in my store.

My canes are hand painted wood acrylic silver paint on black.

They last many years, protective clear coating has been applied.

Why wear a cold boring metal cane that everyone else has? By purchasing this cane, you are not only supporting an artist (me) but your cane will age gracefully and give you many many years of pleasure.

I always receive so many compliments on my canes all over the world, too many to count!

An impressive piece of wearable art.

Complete with rubber bottom.

Approximate 37 1/2 inches long.

Wear it in good health and with attitude!

So take the pledge to buy handmade and request that others do the same for you!

Thank you, Happy Holidays and most of all have fun!

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

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