Saturday, December 26, 2009

How to continue when I feel I really shouldnt..

Its the day after Christmas and I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday with their loved ones.

This is not a cheery post. It is about an Indie artist by the name of Vic Chestnutt, someone who had a big influence in my life. I am in the vintage clothing business but music is a big part of my life and many of my clients are in the music business. Vic's music is not for everyone, it has been described as Southern Gothic at its best. Whatever they call it in the music business Vic's words are certainly worth listening to, he had a lot to say.

His record company reported that Vic fell into a comma on Thursday, Christmas Eve, sadly Vic died yesterday Christmas Day at about 3PM in his hometown of Athens GA.

One of the things I loved about living in Athens was running into Vic here and there from time to time, at the 40 Watt Club where he performed, at Big Lots...

For those that dont know about Vic he was involved in a serious car crash when he was 18 that left him paralyzed and with serious health issues.

The Obit in The New York Times printed yesterday "Mr. Chesnutt had a cracked, small voice but sang with disarming candor about a struggle for peace in a life filled with pain."

Through the years he incurred so much debt due to his health that I'm certain it contributed to depression, which he often spoke of, wrote and sang about.

He had health insurance, paid 500. a month for 60 to 80% coverage but still was not enough because of 'pre existing conditions' Vic recently told an interviewer that he feared becoming homeless.

When I attended the Health Insurance Reform rally in Seattle I did it for people like Vic.

He gave a couple of interviews about the Health Reform, maybe some folks may not agree with what he had to say but this is a man who lived through it.

Singer-songwriter VIC CHESNUTT won't stay quiet Winnipeg Free Press 19/11/2009

I was introduced to Vic's music by Widespread Panic, the song I first heard was Aunt Avis.

another song, Blight, one Dave Schools, bass player for Widespread Panic sings and knows is a favorite of mine became my Halloween costume at a WP show in New Orleans 2000.

I wore a vintage black Gothic dress with black wings. While Dave sang Blight I presented him the In & Out earrings I was wearing, the little table inside the Cauldron of 'vapors that vile humans brew', the jar of 'prismatic eyes'...the 'downward spiral' - a pendant of a tornado...


We sat on the couch a playin'
Touch the tongue and bump the table
But I was scorned after little ado
Tossed right out into the blue

I set into a downward spiral
Caught an illness that was literally viral
I heard some words of wisdom the other day
And they went in one ear and out the other one

I awoke from this beatific binge
With prismatic eyes, now lite is tinged
With all the vapors that the vile humans brew
Shining through the.. blight of you
Shining through the.. blight of you
Shining through the.. blight of you

After my accident in 99 Walkin' and Blight became the songs that I drew strength from 'Shining through the blight of you'

Recently my friends and I got a kick out of Fringe's glyphs or easter eggs, spelling out BLIGHT on one August show

This page is a tribute to Vic Chesnutt and is accepting donations on behalf of his family to defray the expenses associated with his recent hospitalizations and death.

100% of all funds raised will go to Vic's family.

In addition, figure8studio will donate 25% of the sales from our store this and the month of January to help Vic's family.

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