Monday, March 30, 2009

Confessions of a Mad Idol Addict

If someone had told me 5 or 6 years ago that I would become an avid viewer of the show or that I would be programming to record this show when I am not home, I would have probably laughed. Back then I thought the show was strictly for the younger crowd. 8 seasons later I can barely wait to see what new songs will be performed. This season I dared to pick my top Idols from the beginning, so far they are still there and going strong.

Last week as a double treat Idol showcased the sounds of Motown a few of the contestants wore vintage style, I say vintage style because unless I see the item or confirmation that they were indeed vintage I cannot say for sure but was that a shark skin suit worn by Adam Lambert?

I was VERY impressed with the singing as well, Adam is showing more maturity as the show progresses, he is one of my top faves.

Another stunner and talented performer is Lil Rounds, she wore an Ombre fringed dress, also loved the 60s hairstyle.

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Turquoise Silver 60s Dress

Audrey Lil Black Dress

Periwinkle Paisley Dress

Thanks for reading and see you around the bend! :)

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