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A First Lady First!

Mrs. Obama wears vintage!

Michelle Obama wears a gorgeous American Designer Norman Norell 50s black lace and tulle tea length cocktail dress from my old stomping grounds New York Vintage. She wore the dress to the event “Christmas in Washington” in Washington DC. The event was hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and aired 12/21/2010 on TNT.

It is being reported this is a 1st for the White House and that she plans to wear another vintage couture dress for New Year's.

It is so uplifting to all of us vintage lovers to witness this historic event.

An additional comment. Some blogs are reporting this is a 'thrift store' find. So far there is no proof of this. The owner of New York Vintage could have obtained this dress through many sources. In NYC socialites often take their designer frocks to vintage consignment stores where folks like myself, then a poor college student and single mom, was able to afford them. Vintage clothing sellers, such as myself, obtain vintage from estate sales & private sources. Rarely do I find a dress of this caliber in a thrift store. It is not impossible but it is rare.

As you were~

Recycle your Christmas & Holiday Lights

Dear friends, its that time of the year when I post my yearly reminder to please not toss those lights in the trash. Please recycle them.

Almost every household has a string or two or three, like mine, of broken lights. Those strings you don't know what to do with.

You change the bulbs, the fuse...nothing happens, you get frustrated and add it to the pile. Instead of throwing them in the trash a few organizations including charities, recycle light strings. These places take the light strings apart and recycle most of the parts like the copper, glass and plastic.

Why have that stuff leeching pollutants into the earth when the materials could be used again?

Light strands are so dangerous to wild animals also.

Think about how long it takes us to untangle those strings, imagine what an animal without the intelligence and dexterity we have will go through. Like those hideous plastic rings that hold soda cans.

Google 'recycle Christmas lights and your zip code' for drop off locations in your area.

In Seattle I can take my lights to Whole Foods & Woodland Park Zoo. Some Walmarts have recently joined the recycling effort.

If you are unable to recycle your lights in your area you can mail them.

This program recycles your lights and benefits children plus give a 10% discount on purchases.


Recycle Christmas Lights for the Kids Campaign

Another program:

They send you a coupon for 15% off on purchases.
Attn: Recycling Program
2500 W. Argyle St.
Jackson, MI 49202

Also web sites like craigslist, freecycle are good places to recycle your light strings. Many craft people, artists re use and re purpose them.

Please post this information on your blogs, tell everyone there is a better way to dispose of those light strings.

May you all have a happy and green holiday season!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Little Vintage Store That Could

Politics aside, this is the story of my friend Amanda Zych owner of rogueretro vintage store on etsy. She now has an important lesson to teach her daughter Ella and she in turn will cherish and pass down to her children, grandchildren...

She is a struggling single mom who went through a lot the past couple of years, barely surviving working hard to make ends meet. Amanda came very close to losing her home.

Recently while shopping for vintage to sell in her store she came across this coat.

After doing some research on the label 'For The Wardrobe of Bill Beck Varsity Shop, Mt Vernon Washington' she discovered the coat belonged to Glenn Beck's dad.

Amanda did what she thought was the right thing, she sent the coat to Glenn Beck free of charge because she firmly believes the coat belongs to him. When he called her to thank her she never mentioned her business or asked for a dime. What is also really special about this story is that on the week of her birthday, Amanda gave unconditionally.

Amanda is my hero.

The studio setting up in her living room.

You can watch the segment here:

or here:

Amanda Zych of etsy rogueretro on Glenn Beck.

I thought I'd share this inspirational story with all of you during this time when we all gather with loved ones to give thanks for all that we have.

That giving & kindness is the true spirit of the season and we hold much more in common than not.

Happy Holidays everyone!

This is the reason I love vintage, the story behind each piece.

11.29.2010 @ about the 10:00 mark GB mentions Amanda again.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Pulse Died Project Runway Season 8 Finale

The winner of PR season 8 'had her finger on the pulse of fashion' according to Nina and Michael Kors but I'm beginning to wonder if there is a pulse at all.

I'm glad I recorded the final episode and instead chose to watch Animal Planet's Fatal Attractions, it was more exciting than Gretchen's collection.

I remember the judges repeatedly criticizing designers for off the rack/wearable looks. 'WOW US!' is what I kept hearing and that's exactly what Mondo did, yet, they chose to go against everything they preached all season long and gave the win to Gretchen's bohemian over Mondo's fresh, fun, memorable, innovative and Andy's well made cohesive collection.

Mondo's designs are completely his own, if you see one of his pieces you know its a Mondo piece whereas Gretchen's....well....Ive seen folks blogs that say they have seen similar clothes at Target and Walmart. Someone else posted that Gretchen's collection was lifted from Butterick's #B5491, worthy only for QVC at 3 AM.

A couple of Gretchen supporters wrote on PR's blog that older women would not wear Mondo's designs. I am an older woman and would wear them in a heart beat. This is not 'Design For Grandma' but maybe that is something PR should consider and judging from Gretchen's collection they are on the right path.

On my last blog I questioned the choice for Jessica Simpson for judge, now, well, at least she had the taste to pick Mondo but a lot of good it did when both she and Heidi caved in to Michael and Nina. Perhaps Tim Gunn should have been called to break the tie.

Perhaps its time for PR to acquire a new set of judges with fresh eyes. I think Nina and Michael have become jaded and stale and frankly seem to sort of get off on wielding the hand of power. You know what they say, In fashion, one minute you are In, the next you are Out.

As I type this Mondo's collection is almost sold out at SEENON.COM Gretchen only sold one.

Update 10/30/2010 Mondo's collection is SOLD OUT. Gretchen sold 1 piece.

Some of Gretchen's pieces


Heidi putting her money where her mouth is.

Personally, I like his dress with or without the sleeves.

Mondo's Website.

Mondo before Project Runway.

Only thing I liked about Gretchen's show was the music. It happens to be "Icarus" by White Hinterland.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Project Runway Part 1 of Season Finale

I would love to know what in the world were the judges thinking when they

1. Picked Gretchen over Michael C.


2. Chose Jessica Simpson as judge.

Congratulations are in order for Mondo, Gretchen & Andy. I was shocked the judges picked Gretchen even though I liked her last design. The other two, not so much. The hat was nice but the jacket didn't do much for me and the granola jumper? No. Although Gretchen has been eating a little humble pie recently, redeeming perhaps? Must be the effects of hard times because when you are down there's only one way to go and that's up girlfriend. Im still baffled as to why her work beat MC's.

I have to say the bathing suit screamed April, sorry Andy but it did and Im surprised none of the judges noticed.

Love loved loved Mondo's bag! I love skulls anyway, it was right up my alley, specially with the dingle balls/pom poms O-M-G MUST HAVE.

I also liked Mondo's headpieces; Michael, Heidi & Nina: back off, they were adorable, so much better than Andy's. I did love Andy's lime dress, the workmanship alone was outstanding.

I have never seen hurt, disappointment, sadness...wash all over anyone like it did over Michael C. I do know he is doing well because Mondo has been sharing photos on the internet in MC's company at recent events grinning ear to ear. I am confident he will be fine. Michael C.'s fringed top, was super cool and Im looking forward to seeing more from him. I hope his family rallied around him for support as they should.

Michael Costello's fans, this is where his ready to wear line resides: Glitter Girl OC

Finally, one thing Mondo said that stayed with me after the credits rolled:

"You ARE cool, it just may take a little while"


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bitter Party of how many? Project Runway ep 11

At first, I wasn't exactly thrilled with Heidi's Activewear Line Challenge but when designers go out into the world sometimes their clients request things outside of the comfort zone. Pun intended.

Busy busy! Fall is here and store is jamming.Managed to squeeze some time at breakfast for PR Episode 11.

Disclaimer: Spoilerland ahead.

What little respect I had for Ivy just went out the window. Disappointed April is still a card carrying member of the Mean Girls Club. Let me clue you in, when you accuse someone make sure your ducks are in a row and your butt is covered, in other words; Proof.

Once again Tim Gunn handled the fiasco with class and style. Highly recommend Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work or lessons in manners.

Thrilled with Norma Kamali as judge, she is a favorites. I have worn her pieces since the 80s. Kamali is comfortable, stylish, versatile and affordable, perfect for a young college mom, like I was.

Congratulations Andy! You redeemed yourself. I would wear these in a heart beat.

Loved Mondo's headbands and KUDOS for the New Energy.

Did Heidi JUST figure Gretchen cannot take criticism?

Sometimes Michael C's eye rolling, snarky runway smiles rub me the wrong way but if I have to continue watching Gretchen going on and on about her 'fabulousity' I will stick pins in my eyes.

I did like MC's pieces.

Hasta luego Christopher, I had a strange feeling it would be you this week. I'm sad you left but sure we will see you again.

PS Where have I been? Not paying attention, obviously!

One month ago New York Times places Mondo on the catwalk @ Mercedez Benz Fashion Week

Friday, October 1, 2010

Its Mondo's World

The number 8 is my favorite number, Season 8 seems to be my favorite so far.

Episode 10 Project Runway

This, by far, was the most emotional episode ever on Project Runway.

I loved Mondo Guerra before this episode, now I adore him even more. I will always be a fan.

This week the designers were inspired to design their own fabrics from images of childhood memories. After designing their fabrics Tim Gunn announced they had the rest of the day off to spend time with their loved ones.

Watching PR is sometimes difficult because of all the images of home...having moved West in 05 I get homesick.

I loved how Mondo and his mom spent time at the Highline, a park built on recycled train tracks. At the same time my heart ached for his personal struggles.

The Highline

Mondo's final design, the OP Art Top with matching short jacket and plus sign pants, representing his HIV status, blew my mind. Not only because of what they represented but because they were fabulous.

He explained it was a secret he had been keeping for 10 years because his parents being so religious he felt would never understand and accept him. His explanation that he kept this secret out of respect for his parent's beliefs took my breath away. His selflessness and bravery are honorable. This is what my heroes are made of.

He did not want to go into what the design of the fabric represented in the workroom but when Nina Garcia questioned him on the runway Mondo finally revealed it to the judges.

He is truly an inspiration.

Mondo has won three challenges.

Some collection! I cant wait to see what else he comes up with. This young man deserves to be on Fashion Week.

Yes Mondo you are FREE!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lulu's Vintage Top 10

It is a thrill to have earned Lulu's Vintage 2010 People's Choice Award.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

How You Can Help The Gulf Coast

Please contact your local hair salons, Petsmart, Petco groomers and suggest that instead of putting that hair, fur in the trash it can go to help clean up the Gulf.

One pound of hair is able to absorb over a quart of oil.

This organization, MATTER OF TRUST, will provide them with one of 15 warehouse locations spread along Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida.

They are receiving a huge International Natural Fiber Recycling response!

Please help protect our coastline.

Hair Boom vs Conventional Boom Demo

Some of the heart wrenching images coming in:

The oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico is seen from a helicopter.
(Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times / May 6, 2010)

Oil floats on the surface about 12 miles from the Louisiana marshes. Shrimp boat operators nearby tried to mop up as much as they could.
(Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times / May 5, 2010)

The entire series is here.

Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary is struggling financially as oil catastrophe looms!

Due to a million dollar deficit they were forced to cut staff last year and last week struggled to meet payroll. They are in the middle of an emergency crisis.

I myself saw how dedicated these folks are in 93 when three oil vessels collided at the entrance to Tampa Bay leaving more than 300,000 gallons of heavy oil and another 33,000 gallons of jet fuel in their wake.

The brown pelican was already endangered at that time. The Seabird Sanctuary helped thousands of oil affected creatures. Day and night they worked tirelessly.

They have recruited 300 volunteers but they are in need of donations and supplies:

Linens, kennels, towels, sheets, Dawn detergent, paper towels, bottled water and Gatorade.

Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary
18328 Gulf Blvd, Indian shores, Fl 33785-2097

Telephone 727-391-6211


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Happy Mother's Day!

To all the MAGNIFICENT Moms!

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