Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Disappointment Playboy Club Cancelled


"Despite having relatively tame content, the show wasn’t helped by conservative group the Parents Television Council vehemently protesting the show. The PTC released a statement saying they were pleased with the cancellation:
“Bringing The Playboy Club to broadcast television was a poor programming decision from the start. We’re pleased that NBC will no longer be airing a program so inherently linked to a pornographic brand that denigrates and sexualizes women … we hope other broadcasters heed the important lessons of this programming debacle.”

Seriously? No one dragged, forced... women to work at the Playboy Club, or pose nude for that matter. Many women who worked at the club were married helping bring in a second income for their families and working on their careers. The Playboy Club was the spring board of many successful carreers for women when 'the establishment' was not giving them the chance to break through the glass ceiling.

The show was aired at 10PM. Chidren are supposed to be in bed by then. I'm so tired of a handful of prudes trying to control what everyone watches, listens to. This is the reason so many networks are dying & quality programming runs to cable.

Playboy Club's writing was much better than Pan Am's, so far has not been able to 'hook me'. The only interesting thing about Pan Am is the Christina Ricci character. I was looking forward to writing my little review of the last episode where they had a pretty cool night club scene and the one where the girls were in the house singing in their vintage lingerie...then a news bulletin announcing the show's demise popped my balloon.

Buck up Pan Am or you will be next.

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