Monday, October 29, 2012

Project Runway Season 10 Finale

We have been so busy at Figure 8 Studio I almost did not get to watch, much less review, my favorite fashion show but the night of the finale I put everything on hold.

This season I truly loved all the finalists.

Christopher was a personal favorite. He was consistently strong from the beginning and very creative with his fabrics. However, I was sad that he struggled towards the end. I also did not particularly care the way he turned into an ungracious meanie after Dmitry was announced the winner. It was extremely unflattering. I am hoping it is due to his immaturity and hope to see more from him.

Second from the left, Christopher's XRay dress, he was the only one to design his own fabric.

I loved his jacket and the finale dress.


I feel Melissa really evolved. I'm glad that she listened to the advice about editing the jacket by removing the cuffs and by adding the blood orange dress for a pop of color to her collection.

She is a master at working leather. I really loved the draped collars. The makeup and hair on the models was top notch.

I did not care for the hobbled white dress.


Dmitry at times I felt needed editing, too many fringes, too much crystal. I didn't get the white pants with the crystal encrusted bib sheer top. I loved the cut of the pants and feel with an edited top those pants may have been the highlight of his show. I also did not care for the fringed jacket.

Dmitry's cut out jacket was probably my favorite piece the entire season. I am glad he repeated it in white although it did not have the same dramatic effect for me in that color.

I am also on the fence about the white cut-out dress. I think it could have looked better shorter but perhaps it was intended to appeal to a mature client.

I did not care for the make up used on Dmitry's models. I felt it took attention away from his designs. Maybe it was his way of injecting youth to his line.


I adored Fabio and his designs! He started out as my second favorite but towards the end I thought he was going to win.

His collection was a breath of fresh air. The best critique I have read about them is that the fabric flows over the body like water. Pieces I would be honored to own and I do not wear pastels. They are luminous, comfortable yet sophisticated. I also like that the pieces look like they could be easily mixed and matched. Fabio makes me want to see more from him.

He called his collection "Cosmic Tribalism" but I saw 40s inspired in these pants which I loved.


I am sure it was very difficult for the judges.

Congratulations Dmitry.

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Anonymous said...

My fave collection was Dmitry's because it was so refined. Although I felt Fabio will win because of his accessories. But if his collection was in other seasons, I'll vote for his. Dmitry deserved it. And I like how you pointed out Chris' attitude toward the end about who should win. I felt he just revealed his true colors.

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