Thursday, March 6, 2008

My models

My latest find is in her 50s and still looking great. She has glass eyes and beautiful thick long lashes.

She has a glass stand just like my other vintage 1/3 girl from the 60's by the same maker; Greneker. Some of her fingers need repairing, I will be following Holly's guide to fix my mannequin:

Fix Your Mannequin with BONDO Plastic Surgery

Painting a Vintage Mannequin

I passed one of my mannequins to a young single mom just as someone helped me when I was starting out.

This was my 60's 1/3 Greneker girl

I love her face, she belonged to my friend Robin who studied design in NY and worked as an apprentice for designer Richard Tyler in Hollywood for a time.

I met Robin when we both first moved to Florida, she was my co-worker's roommate, we had similar tastes, and became best friends, she was my shopping buddy we became inseparable, the cute neighborhood where she had purchased her home in Gulfport Florida sadly began a slow decline, there had been some break-ins and my friend lived alone, she decided it was best to sell and move back to Ohio. I miss her terribly. The mannequin sat in her home for many years, when she moved back to Ohio she asked me if I wanted to adopt the mannequin, it has been with me for about 15 years, it was my muse when I began selling on ebay.

My models don't complain that its cold/hot, not feeling well, tired, hungry or demand an hourly wage.

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