Saturday, June 27, 2015

Marilyn Monroe dress featured in the show Final Offer sells today

For $290,000.

Juliens Auctions Page

"Included is a very significant dress worn by screen icon Marilyn Monroe in her final film Something’s Gotta Give (20th Century, 1962). The figure hugging silk crepe dress is printed with scattered painterly roses in shades of persimmon and deep cherry with a plunging V back. The interior of the studio constructed dress has hand finished details, is lined with ivory soufflĂ© and has boning to the waistline. Jean Louis was the costume designer on the film. Monroe wore this dress when her character, who had been proclaimed dead but returns from being stranded on an island for five years, is introduced in the film and reunited with her children who do not realize she is their mother. Monroe was fired from the film and when the studio tried to replace her with Lee Remick, the film’s leading man Dean Martin refused to finish the film without Monroe. Her untimely death came less than a month after being let go from the production. The dress can be seen in numerous newspaper articles announcing her death."

Thanks go to Mr. George Vreeland Hill for the update.

I wrote about the dress when it aired on the show Final Offer 3 years ago.
Mistake turning down 500K for Marilyn Monroe's dress?

I hope Deborah of 'Antique Dress' was able to make something from her investment.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mad Men Marathon and Finale Pure Brilliance! **Spoiler Alert**

When AMC announced the Mad Men Marathon leading to the Finale last night, we first turned it on as 'background noise' mostly...then found myself falling asleep and waking up to it. First thing that struck me was how Kiernan Shipka "Sally Draper" grew up in front of us and what an excellent actor Mason Vale Cotton "Bobby Draper" is, he tore at my heart strings.

Even though at times Bettie made me shake my head in disgust at her parental skills I would not, could never wish cancer on her or the suffering that comes from losing a mother on those poor kids. Somehow though, we knew that sooner or later one of our beloved characters would succumb to "too much of a good thing" and be as it may that she decided to refuse treatment, like Joan [starting her own production company], Peggy, deciding to stay at McCann...they do it THEIR way.

Don and Peggy dance to Sinatra's "I Did It My Way"

Sally and Bettie's relationship reminds us how mothers and daughters clash like oil and vinegar at times - because, let's face it, none of us are perfect parents and those teen years! Oy! But in the end, love wins.

If only we'd known what we know now. Many of us survived riding in our parent's cars wearing no seat belts, playing with broken thermometers [mercury]...drinking, smoking when we were growing up...and so on.

We had made plans to visit friends in the Olympic Peninsula for the weekend and I began to have withdrawals leaving the house. Once we arrived at our destination friends and activities took my mind off..after all, that's what the dvr is for.

Sounds silly because I own the series on dvd format but watching it real time with other Mad Addicts is a completely different animal. Needless to say, when we returned home the following evening AMC was back on in full force.

And so we tried, once again, to revolve life around the marathon but as when first aired, episodes like the one where the Gingsberg character's schizophrenia of computers take over and suck you in. You stand there in disbelief. And you remember that there is always someone willing to take it to the next level, sadly. For instance; Walmart FEMA death camps (?) of late come to mind.

We need shows like Mad Men to remind us what times were like then. How some things never change, how some things have THANKFULLY changed for the better; Bettie having to wait for her husband to arrive in order to receive her test results. The sexual harassment women endured in the work place, racism, classicism and so on. In more ways than one, more than my love of vintage fashion, lifestyle, decor...Don Draper...I am sad to see Mad Men end.

The marathon relived so many memorable moments, one of my personal favorites "Waterloo" season 7 mid season finale, where Cooper says "Bravo!" as he watches the Moon Landing then passes away and later appears to Don Draper singing; "The moon belongs to everyone. The best things in life are free!"...The end. Yes, I got misty all over again.

Matthew Weiner wrapped a nice tidy bow around each character at the end. Pete back with his family boarding their own Lear Jet and Roger and Marie at the cafe.

Mad Men's legacy ends on a similar theme of how it began, an ad man [Don Draper] in 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes', struggling with a cigarette ad campaign in spite of public awareness of its health risks and its devastating consequence, one which nearly destroys him.

Towards the end, Don feels worthless. Having been told by Bettie [after hearing the grim news from Sally who is not supposed to tell him] that its best he stay away and not come for the children. Its the lowest we have ever seen Don. He may have been a lousy husband and father but he loved his children and never abused them, at least not intentionally [recalling the time Sally caught him having an affair with the neighbor] Maybe, if he had not been a product of that era maybe, just maybe he would have been a better father. A better husband, I seriously doubt.

The 'refrigerator fella' - who said at the meeting that he felt 'like something placed on a shelf, he sees the door open, people peering in with smiles on their faces then the door closes again, leaving him in the dark'...was literally saying what Don was feeling, but didn't know how to express it. He indeed had value and was needed and important. He had been shunned, attacked, belittled, demoted... even by those he was loyal to a fault to like Joan, Peggy... How many times did he offer Joan help yet she had no problem getting rid of him saying; "Im tired of him costing me money" and Peggy, he was her mentor, was always there for her yet she told him what a "monster he was" After a while chinks begin to form on the armor. Not that he was perfect, far from it but Don Draper at times was honest to extreme, like when he confessed how he was abandoned and grew up in a whore house in the Hershey's meeting.

But as Don Draper always does, he picks himself up from the ditch and lands one more time, on his feet. Or so they lead us to believe. Yes, I think Don's OM moment inspired him to write the Coca Cola ad and he is back in McCann's good graces. The end.

Au revoir old friend, you will be missed.

Original Coca Cola Commercial - I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony) - 1971

Don Draper for ever!

**Historic side note, the original agency that handled the 1971 Coca Cola ad was actually McCann.

***Images courtesy of AMC. Videos courtesy of YouTube.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Helping one of our own rebuild family homes in Nepal

We've known Pasang for many years, an honest hard worker, he lives right here in Renton WA with his family. This is so devastating and difficult for them. His mom and brother are both living in potato fields in tents because they lost their homes to the earthquakes.

Last fall he helped us clean up storm damage to our home.
Photos of our storm damage last fall.

It was not till it was proposed to him that he decided to start the fund raiser.

If you are able, please help. I assure you that your hard earned money will go to a legit and good cause. And if you are unable to donate, please be so kind as to share this link.

Thank you, sincerely,


Images of the damage to his family's home on the fund raiser page.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Google goodness. Edith Head's 116 Birthday.

Edith Head designed fashions worn by Grace Kelly for the film Rear Window (1954)

Audrey Hepburn, Edith's muse.

Edith Head's book Dress For Success.

A sketch for Lucille Ball.

Edith Head (October 28, 1897 – October 24, 1981) was an American costume designer who won eight Academy Awards, more than any other woman.

Edith Head From Wikipedia

Thursday, April 4, 2013

90s Grunge Is Back

From Seattle garages to Tampa's Ybor City where I saw my first Sonic Youth concert, gazing in awe mosh pit center at girl-crush badass Kim Gordon the godmother of cool.

Two decades later...

According to 2013's catwalks; the 90s are back. I noticed first hints of it last year. When designers like Christopher Kane sent his models wearing a casual-cool finish. Kane was quoted; “I don’t want some big beehive or loads of roses sticking out” "It’s got to be a laid-back, cool, and modern“ "She’s a really youthful, nonchalant girl, listening to Nirvana,” “She doesn't care too much.”

Kristopher Kane


I really like the way designers from around the world picked up on that look this season, like Dries Van Noten at Paris Spring Fashion Week. The pretty girl style with a touch of grunge.

Dries Van Noten

Be creative, add a touch of vintage and embrace your inner grunge girl.

Plaid & velvet dress worn with Dr. Martens boots and fishnet.

Dress available at Figure 8 Studio

Oxblood Dr. Martens Mary Janes on etsy

Always a classic.

Pendleton Wool Skirt on etsy

Contempo Sheer Dress on etsy

Scooter Romper on etsy.

Cute shortalls at wanelo

Pendleton Jacket on etsy.

For the guys or unisex.

Plaid pants on etsy.

Sonia Rykiel skirt on etsy.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

L.A. Frock Stars on the Smithsonian Channel

The show is about The Way We Wore; one of Hollywood's hottest vintage stores, Doris Raymond treasure hunter extraordinaire and her team's adventures styling the glamorous.

She begins by describing her experiences in the business and explains that vintage clothing is at least one generation old. Such a good thing to keep in mind and for anyone who is entering the field to learn.

Among the celebs who have used her services are; Angelina Jolie, Renee Zellweger and Katie Holmes.

In the Premiere episode cameras follow Doris as she shops for the store at the Santa Monica Vintage Fashion Expo where she finds a McQueen, one of my favorite designers, and a Pauline Trigère.

I think many of us could sympathize when Doris stated she is able to go from the 'emotional high' of finding something to 'business mode' realizing sometimes a piece is just not worth taking a chance on, specially when there are questionable issues, alterations, no documentation indicating provenance, etc... She details such issues with a 30s altered Chanel dress and a Poiret.
Having found myself in those predicaments in more than one occasion, although Im sort of still kicking myself over a Ceil Chapman.

Back at the store, the gorgeous Dita von Teese drops by wearing this 50s New Look Dior.

von Teese models several amazing designs Doris had selected for her. I loved the 50's Little black velvet beaded Dior with the underpinnings.

A quick screen shot of that dress. Impeccable workmanship!

Dita only wears vintage and says that one of her favorite things about it is each garment's history. Some people say they do not wear vintage because someone else wore it. I have always felt that in reality when you buy something off the rack someone has probably tried it on or wore it somewhere and returned it!

One of the best features of the show I feel are the educational bios of each design featured. Many of these fashion industry programs do not show the garments in detail, they concentrate on the celebrity they are styling or the far thankfully L.A. Frock Stars is not so much about "reality tv drama" but about the business and the emphasis is on the vintage clothing. You dont see the stylist quickly rifling through a rack of clothing or a camera panning above a packed garment rack. Oh no! The garments in this show take center stage. They are carefully photographed and researched and the celeb models the garments.

I recorded the second episode titled 'The Awards Season' this episode is about the shop's busiest time of the year. When celebs, designers, stylists are all vying for attention and Doris shows what a pro she is at this. She has a kind, loving yet firm professional touch that I admire. She also knows her clients well.

Linda Ramone, Johnny Ramone's widow, was featured in this episode where she finds the beautiful dress she wore to the Grammy s in 2012.

If you love vintage fashion as much as I do, I highly recommend this wonderful show. Its the EPITOME Of Eye Candy! Yum!

If the Smithsonian channel is not on your lineup you may watch them online or if you missed the first couple of episodes and you wish to get caught up they are playing re-runs.

Try searching on tvguide dot com/listings


smithsonianchannel dot com

Fashion Trends are fleeting but Vintage Clothing is Forever!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Depression Era cuties on ebay

I imagine, worn by a Femme Fatale on stage with a matching slip, specially the second one because of the nibbles. But look at the details, those pockets....Oh my!

They are not perfect but I could not resist writing about them.

If I had a brick and mortar shop I would use them for display in a heart beat.


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