Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tag - I'm it!

Round and Round we go - who's next?

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1. What is your favorite piece of spring vintage wear in your inventory?

My pick for spring is this sweet green polka dot maxi dress from the 70s, appropriate for St Patty's Day as well.

2. Why is it your favorite?

Because it is ultra feminine. Maxis are so versatile, they go from day to night with ease and you dont have to worry about shaving your legs :)

3. What is your favorite spring flower?

Lilly of the Valley, it is also the official flower of my birthday in May.

photo credit sbaustinphotography

4. Favorite memory of spring?

The birth of my son April 5th.

5. When does spring arrive where you live?

The bulbs in the garden began sprouting the end of last month.

another fresh maxi I am adding to figure8studio.com

6. Most exciting fashion trend?

I have a special fondness for the Mod 60s.


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