Friday, July 18, 2008

Project Runway Season 5

I've had a couple of days to digest and discuss the first episode of season 5 with my friends and vintage group.

This season was highly anticipated, the tube is so lacking of anything interesting, except for So You Think You Can Dance, I guess. My last fix was more than a month ago during Sex And The City (read prior post)

We've been hungry for fashion! Thank you Bravo!

As I type I'm dealing with drying sod ugh! how non fashionista huh? I hate sod. It came with the house, if it had been my choice I would have had it ripped out instantly but at least someone is enjoying it, the moles, on the other hand, the sun has been burning it to a nice dry crispy straw texture. My dear son, has spent oodles babying, feeding, primping, wishing, praying over it...I water every single no avail.

I so want to plant natives, I want the cottage look, but I'm just going to have to settle covering it with bark for now.

I wish I could have donated it to PR for the first challenge.

teevee has been as dry as my sod.

last season some criticized Christian's 'attitude' (we call it Tude in the city) in my college days I hung out with hundreds of young designers just like Christian who were equally FIERCE and who's tudes paled Christian's in comparison! as a matter of fact, I was the muse of some

yours truly during studio 54 days

It is early in the season to rush to judgment but I fell in love with Kelli from Columbus Ohio owner of Black Market, delighted when she won.

Loving to experiment with fabrics myself I admired how Kelli dyed the paper from vacuum cleaner bags of all things. I adored every detail.

My other favorites are Terri from Chicago, Daniel and Korto.

Kelli's winning design

Daniel's fantastic Solo Blue Cup dress

Korto's kale, tomatoes dress

I enjoyed the episode so much I taped it and hope to find time to watch it again.

Kudos to Austin Scarlett for looking absolutely divine and flawless during what looked like a beastly hot summer NYC day, you could not miss the designers fanning themselves, So how does she do it? I bet not having one ounce of fat on your body helps :)

I have one bone to pick with the judges, I disagree that Ms Rocker Pimp/Ho designer (her words not mine) Stella, should have won over Jerry's

Nothing against Rockers, Pimps or Hos, mind you, I sell to and some of my friends are rockers, we even call each other HOs...anyway, initially I pulled for Stella, cringed along with her in horror when I saw she picked the el cheapo garbage bags, girl, when you want the fetish look you MUST stick with the designer label of garbage bags, Hefty.

Still, I had confidence that she was the tough cookie she portrayed in her video interview. I had faith she would succeed making something fabulous. Instead, she disappointed me, big letdown.

which brings me to another peeve, why act tough in your interview video then turn around and whine and whimper throughout the challenges? I mean, these guys are no strangers to the show!? they know how tough these challenges are, it will only get harder

Are we about to endure another season of criers? Please no.

I didn't think the garbage dress should have won over Jerry's because when Ms Thing saw the box contained cheap bags she should have immediately changed her strategy

The point of the show is

How good of a designer are you in a pinch? which is why you only have a certain amount of time to whip up something

tic toc tic toc...

If I throw cheap plastic bags, kale, tomatoes at you, can you still WOW me?

tic toc tic toc...

That's why we loved Christian, he produced challenge after challenge without batting a fierce eyelash no matter what was thrown at him and with a smile to boot!

Stella's garbage dress looked awful, it came out fitting the model's body awful, showing down the runway awful, I get what she was trying to achieve but it still came out looking like a cheap bag

trust me, project runway's photo makes it look much nicer than it actually looked

really now, dont you think anyone blindfolded with hands tied to the back could have pulled what she did?

In my honest opinion, if she had been a better designer she would have created something that would not have looked like a garbage bag, after all, that's the point of using grocery store items

reading Tim's blog I found out that other designers were nice enough to donate materials to her, with his approval to boot, but seems she may have been too flustered to listen to anyone? hmm, girlfriend better take a chill pill and soon or she will not last on the show

at least Jerry's dress looked like something other than a tablecloth or a showercurtain, it looked like a *shudder* hazmat gown but when you look at it you don't see tablecloth or showercurtain

it is so radioactive American psycho, after all Dressed to Kill made millions

I'm so looking forward to watching the tan slowly fade from Seattle guy, you know, the one that created the diaper, towards the end of this challenge he was already looking a bit pale, could have been the lighting (?) and God, if I hear him say 'Girlicious' one more time I'm going to stab myself.


No hun, you are not Christian so fugetaboutit.

as you were

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