Monday, May 10, 2010

How You Can Help The Gulf Coast

Please contact your local hair salons, Petsmart, Petco groomers and suggest that instead of putting that hair, fur in the trash it can go to help clean up the Gulf.

One pound of hair is able to absorb over a quart of oil.

This organization, MATTER OF TRUST, will provide them with one of 15 warehouse locations spread along Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida.

They are receiving a huge International Natural Fiber Recycling response!

Please help protect our coastline.

Hair Boom vs Conventional Boom Demo

Some of the heart wrenching images coming in:

The oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico is seen from a helicopter.
(Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times / May 6, 2010)

Oil floats on the surface about 12 miles from the Louisiana marshes. Shrimp boat operators nearby tried to mop up as much as they could.
(Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times / May 5, 2010)

The entire series is here.

Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary is struggling financially as oil catastrophe looms!

Due to a million dollar deficit they were forced to cut staff last year and last week struggled to meet payroll. They are in the middle of an emergency crisis.

I myself saw how dedicated these folks are in 93 when three oil vessels collided at the entrance to Tampa Bay leaving more than 300,000 gallons of heavy oil and another 33,000 gallons of jet fuel in their wake.

The brown pelican was already endangered at that time. The Seabird Sanctuary helped thousands of oil affected creatures. Day and night they worked tirelessly.

They have recruited 300 volunteers but they are in need of donations and supplies:

Linens, kennels, towels, sheets, Dawn detergent, paper towels, bottled water and Gatorade.

Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary
18328 Gulf Blvd, Indian shores, Fl 33785-2097

Telephone 727-391-6211


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