Friday, October 8, 2010

Bitter Party of how many? Project Runway ep 11

At first, I wasn't exactly thrilled with Heidi's Activewear Line Challenge but when designers go out into the world sometimes their clients request things outside of the comfort zone. Pun intended.

Busy busy! Fall is here and store is jamming.Managed to squeeze some time at breakfast for PR Episode 11.

Disclaimer: Spoilerland ahead.

What little respect I had for Ivy just went out the window. Disappointed April is still a card carrying member of the Mean Girls Club. Let me clue you in, when you accuse someone make sure your ducks are in a row and your butt is covered, in other words; Proof.

Once again Tim Gunn handled the fiasco with class and style. Highly recommend Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work or lessons in manners.

Thrilled with Norma Kamali as judge, she is a favorites. I have worn her pieces since the 80s. Kamali is comfortable, stylish, versatile and affordable, perfect for a young college mom, like I was.

Congratulations Andy! You redeemed yourself. I would wear these in a heart beat.

Loved Mondo's headbands and KUDOS for the New Energy.

Did Heidi JUST figure Gretchen cannot take criticism?

Sometimes Michael C's eye rolling, snarky runway smiles rub me the wrong way but if I have to continue watching Gretchen going on and on about her 'fabulousity' I will stick pins in my eyes.

I did like MC's pieces.

Hasta luego Christopher, I had a strange feeling it would be you this week. I'm sad you left but sure we will see you again.

PS Where have I been? Not paying attention, obviously!

One month ago New York Times places Mondo on the catwalk @ Mercedez Benz Fashion Week

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