Friday, October 1, 2010

Its Mondo's World

The number 8 is my favorite number, Season 8 seems to be my favorite so far.

Episode 10 Project Runway

This, by far, was the most emotional episode ever on Project Runway.

I loved Mondo Guerra before this episode, now I adore him even more. I will always be a fan.

This week the designers were inspired to design their own fabrics from images of childhood memories. After designing their fabrics Tim Gunn announced they had the rest of the day off to spend time with their loved ones.

Watching PR is sometimes difficult because of all the images of home...having moved West in 05 I get homesick.

I loved how Mondo and his mom spent time at the Highline, a park built on recycled train tracks. At the same time my heart ached for his personal struggles.

The Highline

Mondo's final design, the OP Art Top with matching short jacket and plus sign pants, representing his HIV status, blew my mind. Not only because of what they represented but because they were fabulous.

He explained it was a secret he had been keeping for 10 years because his parents being so religious he felt would never understand and accept him. His explanation that he kept this secret out of respect for his parent's beliefs took my breath away. His selflessness and bravery are honorable. This is what my heroes are made of.

He did not want to go into what the design of the fabric represented in the workroom but when Nina Garcia questioned him on the runway Mondo finally revealed it to the judges.

He is truly an inspiration.

Mondo has won three challenges.

Some collection! I cant wait to see what else he comes up with. This young man deserves to be on Fashion Week.

Yes Mondo you are FREE!


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