Friday, October 22, 2010

Project Runway Part 1 of Season Finale

I would love to know what in the world were the judges thinking when they

1. Picked Gretchen over Michael C.


2. Chose Jessica Simpson as judge.

Congratulations are in order for Mondo, Gretchen & Andy. I was shocked the judges picked Gretchen even though I liked her last design. The other two, not so much. The hat was nice but the jacket didn't do much for me and the granola jumper? No. Although Gretchen has been eating a little humble pie recently, redeeming perhaps? Must be the effects of hard times because when you are down there's only one way to go and that's up girlfriend. Im still baffled as to why her work beat MC's.

I have to say the bathing suit screamed April, sorry Andy but it did and Im surprised none of the judges noticed.

Love loved loved Mondo's bag! I love skulls anyway, it was right up my alley, specially with the dingle balls/pom poms O-M-G MUST HAVE.

I also liked Mondo's headpieces; Michael, Heidi & Nina: back off, they were adorable, so much better than Andy's. I did love Andy's lime dress, the workmanship alone was outstanding.

I have never seen hurt, disappointment, sadness...wash all over anyone like it did over Michael C. I do know he is doing well because Mondo has been sharing photos on the internet in MC's company at recent events grinning ear to ear. I am confident he will be fine. Michael C.'s fringed top, was super cool and Im looking forward to seeing more from him. I hope his family rallied around him for support as they should.

Michael Costello's fans, this is where his ready to wear line resides: Glitter Girl OC

Finally, one thing Mondo said that stayed with me after the credits rolled:

"You ARE cool, it just may take a little while"


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