Friday, October 29, 2010

The Pulse Died Project Runway Season 8 Finale

The winner of PR season 8 'had her finger on the pulse of fashion' according to Nina and Michael Kors but I'm beginning to wonder if there is a pulse at all.

I'm glad I recorded the final episode and instead chose to watch Animal Planet's Fatal Attractions, it was more exciting than Gretchen's collection.

I remember the judges repeatedly criticizing designers for off the rack/wearable looks. 'WOW US!' is what I kept hearing and that's exactly what Mondo did, yet, they chose to go against everything they preached all season long and gave the win to Gretchen's bohemian over Mondo's fresh, fun, memorable, innovative and Andy's well made cohesive collection.

Mondo's designs are completely his own, if you see one of his pieces you know its a Mondo piece whereas Gretchen's....well....Ive seen folks blogs that say they have seen similar clothes at Target and Walmart. Someone else posted that Gretchen's collection was lifted from Butterick's #B5491, worthy only for QVC at 3 AM.

A couple of Gretchen supporters wrote on PR's blog that older women would not wear Mondo's designs. I am an older woman and would wear them in a heart beat. This is not 'Design For Grandma' but maybe that is something PR should consider and judging from Gretchen's collection they are on the right path.

On my last blog I questioned the choice for Jessica Simpson for judge, now, well, at least she had the taste to pick Mondo but a lot of good it did when both she and Heidi caved in to Michael and Nina. Perhaps Tim Gunn should have been called to break the tie.

Perhaps its time for PR to acquire a new set of judges with fresh eyes. I think Nina and Michael have become jaded and stale and frankly seem to sort of get off on wielding the hand of power. You know what they say, In fashion, one minute you are In, the next you are Out.

As I type this Mondo's collection is almost sold out at SEENON.COM Gretchen only sold one.

Update 10/30/2010 Mondo's collection is SOLD OUT. Gretchen sold 1 piece.

Some of Gretchen's pieces


Heidi putting her money where her mouth is.

Personally, I like his dress with or without the sleeves.

Mondo's Website.

Mondo before Project Runway.

Only thing I liked about Gretchen's show was the music. It happens to be "Icarus" by White Hinterland.

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