Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Little Vintage Store That Could

Politics aside, this is the story of my friend Amanda Zych owner of rogueretro vintage store on etsy. She now has an important lesson to teach her daughter Ella and she in turn will cherish and pass down to her children, grandchildren...

She is a struggling single mom who went through a lot the past couple of years, barely surviving working hard to make ends meet. Amanda came very close to losing her home.

Recently while shopping for vintage to sell in her store she came across this coat.

After doing some research on the label 'For The Wardrobe of Bill Beck Varsity Shop, Mt Vernon Washington' she discovered the coat belonged to Glenn Beck's dad.

Amanda did what she thought was the right thing, she sent the coat to Glenn Beck free of charge because she firmly believes the coat belongs to him. When he called her to thank her she never mentioned her business or asked for a dime. What is also really special about this story is that on the week of her birthday, Amanda gave unconditionally.

Amanda is my hero.

The studio setting up in her living room.

You can watch the segment here:

or here:

Amanda Zych of etsy rogueretro on Glenn Beck.

I thought I'd share this inspirational story with all of you during this time when we all gather with loved ones to give thanks for all that we have.

That giving & kindness is the true spirit of the season and we hold much more in common than not.

Happy Holidays everyone!

This is the reason I love vintage, the story behind each piece.

11.29.2010 @ about the 10:00 mark GB mentions Amanda again.


Lora said...

Good deeds do INDEED go rewarded in this life. Well done!

figure8studio said...

She rocks, so wise for her age. I am confident her daughter will be equally awesome.

Anonymous said...

Loved this story, despite Glenn Beck until... I saw her comment posted above. So much for the humility angle. Should have known better watching Fox.

figure8studio said...

Not sure what comment you are referring to anon. I didnt see or hear anything to substantiate your statement. Amanda has not had a chance to read, much less post on any blog.

Tina - Off the Wall Expressions said...

Wonderful story! Wishing great success to Amanda! I can't say I'm a Beck fan (but obviously he has some degree of compassion/caring) but it doesn't really matter how one feels about Beck....this is a great holiday success story! Keep up the hard work Amanda! Congratulations!

Gilty Girl said...

I am a Beck Fan and an Amanda Fan.
There is no "R" or "D" when it comes to kindness and doing right.

When we give out of our own need and forget about ourselves and do for another....God shows up and takes care of the one who has nothing. It usually isn't as monumental as this is becoming but I've seen it many times in my years on this Earth.

God bless you, Amanda and your good friend Figure8 who obviously adores you and your daughter.

figure8studio said...

Thank you for your sweet comment Gilty Girl. Been busy helping Amanda pack up orders.

We hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday.

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