Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A First Lady First!

Mrs. Obama wears vintage!

Michelle Obama wears a gorgeous American Designer Norman Norell 50s black lace and tulle tea length cocktail dress from my old stomping grounds New York Vintage. She wore the dress to the event “Christmas in Washington” in Washington DC. The event was hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and aired 12/21/2010 on TNT.

It is being reported this is a 1st for the White House and that she plans to wear another vintage couture dress for New Year's.

It is so uplifting to all of us vintage lovers to witness this historic event.

An additional comment. Some blogs are reporting this is a 'thrift store' find. So far there is no proof of this. The owner of New York Vintage could have obtained this dress through many sources. In NYC socialites often take their designer frocks to vintage consignment stores where folks like myself, then a poor college student and single mom, was able to afford them. Vintage clothing sellers, such as myself, obtain vintage from estate sales & private sources. Rarely do I find a dress of this caliber in a thrift store. It is not impossible but it is rare.

As you were~

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