Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recycle your Christmas & Holiday Lights

Dear friends, its that time of the year when I post my yearly reminder to please not toss those lights in the trash. Please recycle them.

Almost every household has a string or two or three, like mine, of broken lights. Those strings you don't know what to do with.

You change the bulbs, the fuse...nothing happens, you get frustrated and add it to the pile. Instead of throwing them in the trash a few organizations including charities, recycle light strings. These places take the light strings apart and recycle most of the parts like the copper, glass and plastic.

Why have that stuff leeching pollutants into the earth when the materials could be used again?

Light strands are so dangerous to wild animals also.

Think about how long it takes us to untangle those strings, imagine what an animal without the intelligence and dexterity we have will go through. Like those hideous plastic rings that hold soda cans.

Google 'recycle Christmas lights and your zip code' for drop off locations in your area.

In Seattle I can take my lights to Whole Foods & Woodland Park Zoo. Some Walmarts have recently joined the recycling effort.

If you are unable to recycle your lights in your area you can mail them.

This program recycles your lights and benefits children plus give a 10% discount on purchases.


Recycle Christmas Lights for the Kids Campaign

Another program:


They send you a coupon for 15% off on purchases.

Attn: Recycling Program
2500 W. Argyle St.
Jackson, MI 49202

Also web sites like craigslist, freecycle are good places to recycle your light strings. Many craft people, artists re use and re purpose them.

Please post this information on your blogs, tell everyone there is a better way to dispose of those light strings.

May you all have a happy and green holiday season!

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