Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011 Oscars Red Carpet

I set the DVR before heading out to celebrate the birthday of a friend last Sunday. Ive enjoyed leisurely watching, taking notes and fast forwarding past all the commercials. You can click on each image to zoom in for a larger view.

After seeing all the stars walk the carpet, Hailee Steinfeld wore one of my favorite dresses, a Marchesa pink dream I read she took part in designing, Can you believe that? As young as she is. Kudos to her for excellent taste. Her hair was also flawless.

Another Marchesa stand out, Halle Berry.

Amy Adams ~ Old Hollywood in L'Wren Scott, simply gorgeous, those emeralds! My birthstone. Color me green with envy.

Cate Blanchett, always her own woman, never a copy, tastefully different.

Michelle Williams in a sweet and understated Chanel.

Melissa Tomei is my second favorite, a vintage Charles James gown. The story goes that it sat in her closet for years waiting for the right occasion.

Loved Gwyneth's liquid silver Calvin Klein dress and her voice, girlfriend can sing. She was my third fave. However you may feel about her singing you can tell she is having a blast behind the microphone.

Liked Annette Bening's dress, I think she wore it well.

Scanning the media, presenters...crowd...I noticed far too many one shoulders. I understand why its a popular style - you have an almost strapless feel without the constant 'pulling up' but isn't it time for a change ladies?

Scarlett Johansson's dress, not crazy about the style itself, maybe a bit 'too much going on' with the fabric...but her body was slamming and she wore the color beautifully. Her makeup was also flawless.

I guess my least favorite was Nicole's dress, not because it was different, I love different. Im not so sure its movements were designed for a human body, or more specifically, Nicole. She seemed a bit stiff. If it had been worn by someone who could carry that dress I think this could have been a success. I can totally see this dress in an art gallery.

Anne Hathaway's Valentino Archival dress, also her lipstick loved loved loved!

Jennifer Hudson, stunning! I didnt know she was so tall, during her Tim Gunn interview her eyes were level with his forehead and he is not a short man.

I disagree with Cojo that Jennifer Lawrence looked like she was wearing a bathing suit, sometimes less IS better dear, although I think Tiffany and Co. could have helped add a little something something around that pretty neck.

Sandra Bullock looked smashing. Penelope in L'Wren Scott.

Red hot mamas of the gala.

Being the music freak that I am...

'Red hot mama was gettin' down
Scoping the places where fun to be found
She was smokin'...'

'Right On Red Hot Mama girl..., sure look good to me!'

Other favorites Reese Witherspoon's 60's style Giorgio Armani Prive.

Justin Timberlake, the older he gets...

Russell Brand and Christian Bale's Black on Black. OK. I specially liked Russell's skinny slacks. I just love the classic white shirt with black bow tie. I know, I want the women to ditch the over played one shoulder and men to stay the same. What can I say?

The jury is still out regarding Melissa Leo's dress. Not sure if its the neckline or that as much as I want to like it, I really really do, it just keeps reminding me of mom's vintage lace tablecloths!

A friend mentioned why she was also not crazy about that neckline, it reminded her of 'Elvis's white jumpsuit with the stand up collar.' And I thought Oh my word! That's it!

The talk, well more like outrage in the vintage world, is the one regarding Colin Firth's wife dress made of 11 hacked vintage dresses of the era of The King's Speech.

I read quite a bit about it, the information I've been able to gather so far is that unlike previous Firth's projects where dresses were constructed from damaged vintage pieces this one was, supposedly, constructed from *the best* of the store's collection. Ouch.

Its cool to be green but destroying perfectly good vintage dresses to make one is not green.

What do you think?

Update - Now Im reading a conflicting story from the mirror dated 3/06/2011 - today (?)


'It’s known as “upcycling”, the ­fashionable cousin of recycling. To add authenticity, each dress was from the 1920s and ’30s – when The King’s Speech was set.

Part of the dress was made from tatty tea dresses bought from London shop 360 Degrees Vintage. Gary paid £600 for a selection from the Greenwich boutique, which is run by Lynn Burgess and her mum Kit.'

Lynn said: “Some were slightly damaged, some had their netting torn, and one had a stain round the hem. But incredibly Gary managed to eliminate all their little flaws and produce this stunning dress.” Livia’s instructions were clear: “Remember, I’m not a young actress. I’m a 41-year-old mother of two. Nothing too short or too daring.”

Except on 3/1/11 The shop owner had posted on their FB page when asked:

'As a vintage clothing lover I have to ask, what was the condition of the 1930s gowns used to make Gary Harvey's dress? Were they already damaged beyond wearability or did he actually destroy 11 perfectly good vintage gowns.'


'He bought the very best gowns'

Is the Mirror attempting a bit of damage control?


shannon said...

Great job with this!

I agree on just about everything. Halle, Reese, Gwynneth, Hailee & Jennifer Lawrence were my faves. I didn't care for Marisa's too much, and while I have full appreciation Cate's sense of adventure and unique design, I wouldn't ever choose it for myself (as if that were ever a remote possibility).

I'm shocked to learn of what Colin's wife did to create her gown - especially since so unsuccessful, IMO. Tragic.

It wasn't my favorite dress, but I thought Annette rocked it, as she always does. I want to be her when I grow up.

I'd have to say Halle was my fave over all with Reese & Gwynneth close 2nds.

Love your blog & sense of style, girl!

figure8studio said...

Shannon, what a delightful surprise.

I hope Mrs. Firth didn't have a clue of the massacre and thought perhaps this one was made from discards and damaged pieces like the others. I want to give her the benefit.

She has received a lot of flack from the vintage and green communities this week, not just because what was done is not green but because we work so hard to restore vintage and the history behind the piece is as important. It seemed like such a waste in so many levels.

Annette Bening, a natural & classy beauty. You said it best, she is what we want to be when we grow up.

There have been mixed feelings about Marissa's dress, some not crazy how the top fitted, some about the bottom.

I guess I just have a weakness for vintage and a woman who steps on the red carpet wearing navy instead of the old black. Ever since Hilary Swank wore that devastating navy blue dress to the Oscars in 2005 I don't see the color as one to be dismissed. Now that dress Hilary wore is listed as one of top 10 red carpet looks.

Thank you for dropping by, your opinion gives me inspiration.


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