Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Being a huge fan of just about everything 60's fashions, music, architecture, automobiles, decor...I was intantly hooked when I began watching Mad Men. Memories of my chic mom & dapper dad, growing up in NYC. Unfortunately, as the characters of the series, my parents separated around the same age Sally Draper was when Don and Betty did. I even had a little baby brother. I could somewhat identify with the character.

 I was so disspointed to read, as were thousands of other fans, that there were problems with production and news that the show may not return to AMC until 2012.

 Now there is a new show coming Sept 25th starring Christina Ricci on ABC set around the same decade named PAN AM, the elite airline that set the standard for the industry in the early 60s.

 I was lucky to have been one of those people who flew PAN AM as a little girl. I was in awe of the stewardesses, they seemed so glamorous just like movie stars! That's what I wanted to be!

 Through the years I have always researched Pan Am collectibles on the internet. I wonder if after the show begins and it grows in popularity it will be even harder to find original vintage PAN AM memorabilia.

 Magazine ads, ashtrays, wings...even cocktail napkins are sprouting on auction websites these days more so now than ever.


Vintage Pan American Airlines

credit to cheelah for above two photos

Pan Am has been listed as #6 Most anticipated tv show of 2011

I hope it is as juicy and entertaining as Mad Men.

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