Friday, September 16, 2011

Valley of The Dolls

Its the 45th anniversay of the novel that sold over 30 million copies and 44 years since the cult campy movie Valley of the Dolls starring Susan Hayward, Patty Duke, Sharon Tate, Barbara Parkins & a brief speaking role with a young Richard Dreyfuss who played the part of an Assistant Stage Manager. The movie opened in 1967 in USA theaters.

Jacqueline Susann was the chic lit writer of the Groovy era, long before Jackie Colins came along. Susann was known to wear Emilio Pucci.

I was under age when the book and movie came out, all my girlfriends were talking about it but my parents would not let me see it. One afternoon I sneaked into a Manhattan movie theater. I think this is the movie that inspired me to raid vintage stores in the Village for Pucci & gave me the inspiration to sew.

Last night I found it again playing in one of the retro or classic movie channels.

Id forgotten some of the ridiculously campy scenes, like the one where Susan Hayward as Helen Lawson, performs 'I’ll Plant My Own Tree' in front of a huge psychedelic rotating mobile that could only have been conjured up from a bad 60s lsd trip.

Hayward was one of mom's favorite actresses, one of the great beauties of her time, she replaced Judy Garland in the role. According to wikipedia 'On July 20, 2009, Patty Duke appeared at the Castro Theater in San Francisco with a benefit screening of the film, and said that director Mark Robson made Garland wait from 8am to 4pm before filming her scenes for the day, knowing that Garland would be upset and drunk by that time.'

My favorite character of the movie was Barbara Parkins's Anne.

Here she is wearing Pucci.

There was something about Sharon Tate, she was not only a stunning woman but there was something so innocent and sweet, much like Marilyn Monroe who also died tragically and too young.

This is my favorite outfit that she wore in the movie, it consisted of a jacket with big buttons and slacks, when she walked into the pool area she removed the jacket to reveal a bikini. Bikinis were just becoming popular in the 60s.

My favorite mod mini dress of the movie is this one worn by Patty Duke's character Neely.

You could tell the 70's were quickly approaching by the avocado and orange sofa in the background of this scene.

This is a link to a youtube video that begins with the famous Neely and Helen cat fight.

I think the movie is still charming and campy after all these years, definitely worth checking out.

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