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Project Runway All Stars 2012 Premiere 

And we're off!

Project Runway overhauls its host and judges.

At the end of season 8, when Nina & Michael Kors argued with Heidi and guest judge Jessica Simpson about who the winner of the season should be and Gretchen was named winner, despite the fact that today no one - outside of Portland that is - still knows who she is yet the mere mention of Mondo brings a smile to the face from NYC to Seattle. I decided I would no longer take PR seriously.

I mean, Lifetime's own Project Runway website is featuring Mondo's design as cover for their mobile app. Oh, Gretchen's is in there too, if you squint your eyes, behind the big black Project Runway banner.

No wonder, having read Tim Gunn's quotes after it was all said and done.

“Why did the villain win? Why? I could not believe it. Gretchen’s talented, and she’s not a horrible person. But was she the winner of the season? I don’t think so. The ‘Project Runway’ designers are like my kids. I love them all. I will say I love some more than others. And there’s some I wish I’d left in a basket.”

“Oh, boy. I’m going to get in trouble for this. Michael [Kors] was campaigning for Gretchen. He said, ‘We need a sportswear designer to win one of these seasons.’ “I thought, ‘Well, Mr. Kors, you just want to validate yourself. But do you want to validate yourself with Gretchen?’ I wouldn’t. Nina [Garcia] was very much in favor of Mondo, and then Michael nudges her and he says, ‘You know, Gretchen listened to every word of advice that you gave her. Mondo didn’t listen to you at all.’ So suddenly, Nina is, like ‘That’s right! He didn’t! I’m going with Gretchen.’ So that’s how it all happened.”

Going back through the statistics of season 8

Mondo 'WON' 4 challenges, Gretchen 2.

Mondo was rated 'HIGH' 5 times, Gretchen 4.

Gretchen was rated 'LOW' 3 times, Mondo only once.

Gretchen, who's color palette has been called musty and dusty. Who's 2011 Fashion Week collection was described as 'polygamist at Walmart' and 'Children of the Corn'

I love bohemian, hippie apparel, I have plenty of pieces like this in my closet. I don't really care to see more of it on runways.

OK, I'll stop now. You get the point.

I tuned in to watch seasons 9 and 10 but judging from my blog's archives, I did not register an impression. Sad to say, not surprised. What happened to one of my favorite shows?

Project Runway returned January 2012 as "All Stars" completely overhauled. New host, judges and no Tim Gunn (insert sad face)

Host; Angela Lindvall and Joanna Coles of Marie Claire instead of *sniff* Tim Gunn. Fans of the show are already clamoring for Tim. I will also miss Heidi.

Judges; Issac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman of Marchesa - I do love them. Guest judge this episode was the Senior VP and Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus.

The All Stars are:

Anthony Williams, Mondo Guerra, Austin Scarlett, Elisa Jimenez, Mila Hermanovski, Michael Costello, Gordana Genhlhausen, Rami Kashou, Sweet P, Kara Janx, Kenley Colins and April Johnston.

I dont get why some of these are here, specially Kenley after her off the show drama (this is not Project Jersey Shore) In reality, how many times can you bring back Santino, Siriano...?

If you need one word in order to refresh your memory as to who they are...

Anthony - pageant (with 'sassy' as close 2nd)

Mondo - robbed

Elisa - spit

Mila - mod

Michael - gala ('crying' a close 2nd)

Gordana - knits

Rami - draper

Sweet P - whimsy

Kara - kimono

Kenley - rockabilly

April - goth

Jerell - glitter

Austin Scarlett - glam ('star' next best)

I cant help but wonder if Mondo was brought back to redeem himself, shut us/his fans up. Perhaps to boost viewers. Specially after season 8's debacle. But I'm not complaining.

Each designer was asked to bring a look that represented them to The Limelight. The 70s Disco club.

The first challenge was to spend 100.00 at the .99 cent store to create something that coincided with the first look.

The product marketting/slinging is still there but thankfully toned down some. Instead of hearing about the brands every other 5 minutes I only noticed it a couple of times.

And just as I expected, these two

Rocked it out of the gate.

Vindication? Can I get a "Heck Yeah!?"

Rami won this challenge.

His inspiration:

Not crazy about the black hole with fringes at the front on the original design, takes me back to a comment made about Kelly Rowland's dress at the MTV's VMA's

"I am not a prude but am I the only who thinks a patch of fur, fringes...etc...does not belong at crotch level on any garment."

Jerell - Rami - Mondo

1).Anthony - crepe paper, safety pins

2).April - mop heads

3).Austin- plastic table cloths, freezer bags

4).Elisa - shower curtains, paint

5).Gordana - streamers, brillow pads

6).Jerrell - scarves, placemats

7).Kara - curtains, mops, tin trays

8).Kenley - shower mat, loofah

9).Michael - mop heads

10).Mila - gift bags, shower liners

11).Mondo - binder, trash bags, tape

12).Rami - shopping bags, umbrella

13).Sweet P - dish towels, belt

One wish, that they give us more workroom time. Im guessing this was missing for the most part due to the intros and Limelight show.

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