Monday, February 27, 2012

Cheers To Spring!

I love winter but I believe I am beginning to get a little antsy for spring. Perhaps due to some of the serious snow and ice storms we have been receiving lately. As I type this we are on storm watch...the lone crocus poking its lavender head out of the ground is trying to tell me spring is almost here.

Imagine my delight when I found this sweet 40's Flower Garden Dress Hat from vintage friend Caryn. I think the 40s might be one of my favorite eras in Millinery Fashion History. I think the era was very creative and I believe many of the modern designers like Philip Treacy, dip into those decades for their award winning inspirations.

This beauty is not a Philip Treacy but creative in its own right. The label, as Caryn informed me, is a New York Creation. The New York Creation label was created by the New York Dress Institute who designed great dresses, hats, and even began their own best dressed list after WWII.

Made of black straw with velvetty roses, bow and netting. Turned up brim and ribbon tie. I imagine someone wearing it to church service or maybe an al fresco lunch date. What ever the occasion, Im sure it turned a few heads in its day.

Caryn has two vintage stores; one on ebay called specialneedzvintage, she told me "3 of my 5 children have Autism and through my children I learned that everyone has special needs."

She recently opened a shiny new one on etsy called Forever After Vintage.

Caryn is our 'resident fur expert' she says she learned how to id furs after buying one as one type and then learning it was a much less expensive type. She then became determined to learn about the various furs.

I have fun traveling in time in her stores. I hope you do as well.

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