Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Disney's Pinochio

Taking a brief break from fashion because, well, I'm a little bothered. Ok, more than a little.

Last Sunday ABC 20/20 aired a show called "Cruise Ship Confidential"

If you did not watch it, I recommend taking the time to go to the link above. It takes you straight to ABC.

The "report" ended at 10 minutes into the story. But they have an entire hour to fill...so....

It is now Tabloid or Sensationalism attempting to pass as Journalism. The "report" continues by showing a youtubes recorded in ships like the Royal Caribbean of people getting drunk. As if we dont have a clue that folks cruise in order to party. Some get obliterated. Yes. Is that any of our business? Who cares?

Continues by showing a man standing in the middle of a brawl, claiming to be on a Carnival ship recording. I don't know about you but if I were on a cruise ship and a brawl ensued, the last place you would catch me would be in the middle of it recording.

The host, Chris Cuomo, repeats the man's comment standing in the middle of the brawl claiming 'security running away'. You can clearly see later in the video that in fact security was getting re enforcements and talking into his phone. Chris Cuomo fails to correct his statement. Normally clubs on cruise ships have 2-3 security guards. This situation clearly required more security personnel.

In the meantime the "innocent man" reporting is laughing in the video, running a commentary of what is going on..." and how Carnival doesnt care about them"

The 'report' then goes on to missing passengers; The honeymooner, George Smith on the Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Sea. The cruise line's name never mentioned, leaving the viewer to assume this took place on yet another Carnival ship.

Crew members - Disney's own, never mentioned, for instance; Rebecca Coriam, 24 Crew member from United Kingdom missing since she disappeared on Disney Wonder March 22, 2011


20/20 mentions 'binge drinking' people falling down, they interview an individual, Tim Sears a 31 year old who had to climb over a rail of a Carnival ship in order to fall into the water. Binge drinking etc...takes place on land, air, sea... Adults need to take responsibility. I fail to feel sympathy for anyone who acts as a victim of their own actions.

20/20 goes on to sensationlize the program by doing an entire segment on what the crew does on their time off.

A Shari Cecil, who says she was raped and told to lie to passengers about outbreaks, breakdowns...but her cruise line is never mentioned the ‘Pride of Aloha’, operated by Norwegian Cruise Lines.

20/20 then goes on to the incident where the Carnival Splendor lost power, where the crew went above and beyond to care for its passengers yet 20/20 turns into 'passengers were served SPAM'.

Sorry 20/20 this folklore was clarified by Carnival back in 2010 yet you failed to do your homework?

Anyone can find the information by doing a simple search for the terms 'Carnival cruise Spam' results will come up with John Heald, Carnival's senior cruise director's personal blog where he wrote that the ship had received 20 pallets of supplies and food, including bologna, corned beef, pastrami, ham—and Spam. But the Spam, he wrote, wasn't served to guests or crew, and "those who said it was are misinformed."

Day By Day account of what took place on The Splendor.

That information has been readily available since November 12, 2010. How could anyone miss it? is completely baffling to me. Unless...they have ulterior motives.

If that wasnt enough, once again, yesterday on Disney owned ABC program The View they used Whoopie Goldberg - at 10:59

Falsely stating that 'Carnival was offering survivors of the Costa Tragedy 30% off their 'future cruises' as compensation.'

Audience GASPS!

Disney's media obviously took that from Costa's regular policy which can be found on Costa's website. The 30% discount is for people who have cruises booked and want to cancel and fail to re-book right away. It is their regular policy and nothing whatsoever to do with the survivors of the horrific tragedy.

Concordia official policy.

This is the actual official Costa Cruises statement:

"Passengers on board the Costa Concordia on the night of the accident have not been offered a discount on future cruises. "Costa is refunding the full cost of the cruise, the expenses incurred on board the ship, any transportation costs incurred to reach their port of embarkation and return home if transfers organized by the company were not used. Costa Concordia guests also will be reimbursed any medical expenses they may have incurred as a result of the accident. As regards items left in the safe in the cabin, these will be returned to guests as soon as we recover the safes. Regarding the loss of personal belongings and other forms of compensation, we will be contacting guests in the very near future."

Is Disney desperately resorting to sensationalism against their biggest competitor?
You tell me.

Anytime I watch ABC "news", I assure you will be purely by accident from now on, I will question the integrity of its reporting.

I strongly suggest a course on Ethics in Journalism.

Back to your regular scheduled programming.


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