Sunday, March 17, 2013

L.A. Frock Stars on the Smithsonian Channel

The show is about The Way We Wore; one of Hollywood's hottest vintage stores, Doris Raymond treasure hunter extraordinaire and her team's adventures styling the glamorous.

She begins by describing her experiences in the business and explains that vintage clothing is at least one generation old. Such a good thing to keep in mind and for anyone who is entering the field to learn.

Among the celebs who have used her services are; Angelina Jolie, Renee Zellweger and Katie Holmes.

In the Premiere episode cameras follow Doris as she shops for the store at the Santa Monica Vintage Fashion Expo where she finds a McQueen, one of my favorite designers, and a Pauline Trigère.

I think many of us could sympathize when Doris stated she is able to go from the 'emotional high' of finding something to 'business mode' realizing sometimes a piece is just not worth taking a chance on, specially when there are questionable issues, alterations, no documentation indicating provenance, etc... She details such issues with a 30s altered Chanel dress and a Poiret.
Having found myself in those predicaments in more than one occasion, although Im sort of still kicking myself over a Ceil Chapman.

Back at the store, the gorgeous Dita von Teese drops by wearing this 50s New Look Dior.

von Teese models several amazing designs Doris had selected for her. I loved the 50's Little black velvet beaded Dior with the underpinnings.

A quick screen shot of that dress. Impeccable workmanship!

Dita only wears vintage and says that one of her favorite things about it is each garment's history. Some people say they do not wear vintage because someone else wore it. I have always felt that in reality when you buy something off the rack someone has probably tried it on or wore it somewhere and returned it!

One of the best features of the show I feel are the educational bios of each design featured. Many of these fashion industry programs do not show the garments in detail, they concentrate on the celebrity they are styling or the far thankfully L.A. Frock Stars is not so much about "reality tv drama" but about the business and the emphasis is on the vintage clothing. You dont see the stylist quickly rifling through a rack of clothing or a camera panning above a packed garment rack. Oh no! The garments in this show take center stage. They are carefully photographed and researched and the celeb models the garments.

I recorded the second episode titled 'The Awards Season' this episode is about the shop's busiest time of the year. When celebs, designers, stylists are all vying for attention and Doris shows what a pro she is at this. She has a kind, loving yet firm professional touch that I admire. She also knows her clients well.

Linda Ramone, Johnny Ramone's widow, was featured in this episode where she finds the beautiful dress she wore to the Grammy s in 2012.

If you love vintage fashion as much as I do, I highly recommend this wonderful show. Its the EPITOME Of Eye Candy! Yum!

If the Smithsonian channel is not on your lineup you may watch them online or if you missed the first couple of episodes and you wish to get caught up they are playing re-runs.

Try searching on tvguide dot com/listings


smithsonianchannel dot com

Fashion Trends are fleeting but Vintage Clothing is Forever!

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