Monday, September 26, 2011

Pan Am 'glossy but not yet polished'

If you read my previous post about Pan Am, I was looking forward to the premier on ABC. Marked on calendar & anticipated watching real time.

After my first time seeing Mad Men, the show who's HUGE success I'm sure isnpired Pan Am, my initial reaction...would I miss it if it had been pulled? Yes.

Premieres are supposed to hook you.

I thought the plot line of the rivaling sisters was OK but still not quite buying the espionage plot, because of the fumbling, spilling. Its been done.

My parents lived the Cuba Bay of Pigs. From the stories they told us I believe it should have been worthy of suspence building for, at the very least, an entire episode not just a few seconds.

Will Bridget be the new "Lost"? A mistery that is exploited with every episode? A pining jilted pilot who flies the skies in search of his missing love? Should I care?

According to some of the reviews the morning after jury is still out.

"glossy but not yet polished" ,

"more interested in surfaces than emotional interiors",

"Whereas "Mad Men" stews in morose melodrama, "Pan Am" serves up a cheery slice of retro pop culture pie. "Mad Men" mocks the antiquated mores of the past, while "Pan Am" romanticizes them. - ibtimes"

Adam Barken, tweeted: via ibtimes "Every scene in PAN AM is like the last scene of a big movie - but without the buildup or character development."

I was hoping to identify with the little girl's dreams watching glamorous stewardess passing by, as I wrote in my previous blog --- a scene shown last night, several times. Perhaps I held unrealistic expectations.

I am looking forward to be dazzled by Pan Am's script and substance not only by its surface veneer.


BresBaubles said...

Hi there! New follower! I agree that Pan Am was a bit lackluster but I did enjoy the clothes!

Pls come see my blog and return the favor? I came over from the FB group VCA


figure8studio said...

Thank you for your comment!

Did you see The Playboy Club? I thought the suspenseful plot line in The Playboy Club was done so much better than the espionage plot line from Pan Am. Not that I don't think a woman could have been a spy in the 60s, perhaps making Kate such a clumsy spy turned me off. I will definitely be watching.xoxo

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