Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bergdorf Goodman opens a Vintage Restored Line

I wonder what the consensus is in the Vintage Fashion Community.

I see pros and cons.

The obvious ones; keeps Vintage Fashion in the forefront, in the eyes & minds of the consumer. That it restores badly damaged quality vintage instead of shipping to China as rags or dumping in a landfill.

Cons; that perfectly good vintage, slightly soiled, in need of delicate care will be chopped up with the excuse of 'restoring' simply only for the sake of adding the BG label.

I wrote an article recently about such a sad situation where perfectly good vintage pieces may have been cut up for the sake of a one night red carpet gala.

2011 Oscars Red Carpet

Not being one who believes everything I see on the internet I took extra steps to find out if good vintage pieces had been indeed compromised for such an affair.

What are your thoughts?

Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo Talks Vintage, Tom Ford Beauty, and Leopard Pajamas

From Vintage to Modern

I was relieved to read the word 'restored' mentioned by Linda Fargo in the article.

These are some of the comments from my vintage clothing group when I posted a link to the article:

'Off the top of my head, they probably saw Anthropologie selling dye vintage party dresses and thought they could do better. Maybe so too; Bergdorf is a wonderful store!'

'My fear, with the upcycled vintage, is that there may be a stain that could be removed with some effort, but just ends up being a good excuse to cut the bottom off and tie dye. I worry.'

'Bergdorf is so terribly designer friendly I would think they'd be like the MOMA of vintage stores. They really have been known for giving some wonderful young designers a venue even if a couple dresses on a rack... seems they love clothes too. I'd think nothing less of them.'

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