Friday, December 16, 2011

Top Fashion News of 2011

It was not Louboutin losing out to YSL in court for the use of the red soles associated with his brand. The court ruled the color red on the soles could not be granted trademark protection. According to an Associated Press report, Yves Saint Laurent has manufactured red-soled shoes since the 1970s.

I suppose I should remember that since I worked in NYC's YSL offices for a time during my college years. Still have a few pieces of their creamy stationary.

No, the best fashion news of 2011 was not the Missoni for Target frenzy.

Missoni's colorful zig-zags are known world wide, along with it's steep price tags. When shoppers learned the 400 piece collection would be selling at Target's bargain prices they camped at the stores Black Friday fashion, they crashed the Target website & emptied out store racks like locusts. Stories I heard from friends who tried to get one piece, any piece! Was that it was impossible. The craziest thing they had ever seen.

My friends and I were hard core NYC shoppers, in the trenches in our combat boots spotting, snatching 18.00 Halston raincoats - mine had a matching envelope bag..., Betsey Johnsons from the middle of 5 foot high piles, elbows out, watching out for the little old ladies frothing at the mouth nearby ripping at each other for a pair of Charles Jourdans at Lord & Taylor.

When It comes to fashion and women and you insert the word 'sale' in the middle of the two, specially when it concerns a desired label, blood will be spilled. Retailers should know this.

I no longer have the patience for the pushing and shoving. Considered going but glad I didnt.

Despite the fact Target tried to make it up to their customers who were furious I dont believe they were able to. Demand exceeded supply. To make things worse- not for the buyer but for those that missed out, I saw pieces going for thousands on ebay.

Later this fall Versace corraborated with H&M and seemed to show Missoni how it should be done.

MY Best Fashion moment of 2011 Was Kate Middleton's wedding at Westminster Abbey. The dress was designed for the Duchess of Cambridge by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen the British designer who sadly passed away last year.

I recall gossip flying for weeks about who Kate's designer would be. Every movement to and from the palace was followed, scrutinized very closely by the media and reported.

Speculation and rumors flew. Bets were placed. People were shuttled in vans, cars in cloak and dagger fashion. When questioned, the McQueen people denied any involvement. Most probably sworn to secrecy.

Then finally, amidst so much sadness, hardship, earthquakes, tornadoes...We exhaled and watched with wonder as two young lovers took their vows.

Thousands stood on the streets, sidewalks, windows, rooftops...cheering. Millions more tuned in via satellite, cable, televisions, ipods, computers around the world. The British Monarchy was on the ball, streaming the event and reporting every detail on twitter and facebook without as much as a glitch. Made my Brit blood proud.

After the couple kissed on the balcony and left for the reception...we discussed it in blogs, facebook, message boards. Special shows on CNN, Style, E had panels reviewing every single moment of the wedding for days!

Every magazine stand had issues with Kate's photo on the cover.

In the summer Kate's dress was displayed at Buckingham Palace, record breaking crowds of over 600,000 people showed up.

In NYC 650,000 people stood in long lines to see the McQueen retrospective at the Met from May 4–August 7, 2011.

For all of these reasons nothing else can top the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William in 2011.

Still today, months later, my blog from that occasion has visitors almost every day.


anne m bray said...

Great recap. Now I want to read more!

btw - your IFB #26 link goes to your Sept playboy post, not this one

figure8studio said...

Thank you for dropping by & leaving your thoughts!

IFB asked for our favorite posts of the year, it is why I did not include this one :) But I only submitted 2. I think the limit is more...I will post this one.
Happy Holidays!xo

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